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In a bloodcurdling mash of A24 horror meets tragicomedy, playwright Sloane and their husband Gwyn return to their ailing grandmother's house to settle the estate, where a childhood friend's sudden arrival forces them to uncover secrets in Grandma's basement.


Student Theatre at Marymount, New Works Festival, March 2021

-- staged reading, dir. Hope Johansen

The Tank, PrideFest,

June 2021

-- staged workshop, dir. Hope Johansen

Elephant Room Productions,

November 2021

--workshop residency with reading

Brick Aux and Makers Ensemble,

March 2023

--workshop production, dir. Riley Elton McCarthy

Yale University, Lighten Theater

April 2023

--college premiere production, dir. Alexandra Thomas

59E59, East to Edinburgh,

July 2023

--workshop production, dir. Riley Elton McCarthy

Edinburgh Fringe at theSpace on the Mile,

August 2023

--production, dir. Riley Elton McCarthy

Gilbert Theater

May 2024

--regional premiere production, dir. TBA

What do you get when A24's golden renaissance of horror is captured through a propulsive and urgent tragicomedy? This haunting, bitingly funny thriller theatre follows nonbinary playwright Sloane and their botanist husband Gwyn settling the estate of Sloane's ailing grandmother. A sudden spiral of Sloane's obsession with completing their masterpiece in the house forces Gwyn to question the safety of Sloane regurgitating their family trauma into their art. When Gwyn's childhood friend Beckham arrives to help the couple bury the hatchet, they soon discover there may be more to the house, and to Sloane, hidden beneath the foundation.

IVORIES is two acts and runs 100 minutes. It can be performed with or without an intermission.

Genre: horror, dark comedy, romantic drama.

Characters: four. 1 nonbinary, 1 female, 2 male. 

pictured: The Brick AUX production of IVORIES, directed by Riley Elton McCarthy.

Photos by Riley Elton McCarthy & Ian McQueen.

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