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ribbit. ribbit.

Welcome to the peaceful but slumbering amphibi falls, just north of South Dakota in the northernest part of the south. Trouble is brewing in this small town. Is it a bird, is it a plane? 
It's frogs.
Or, rather, they certainly THINK they're frogs.
A meditation on true crime phenomena and the forced examination of exploitation of queer trauma through the lens of a definitely-not-Netflix-documentary, FROG DINNER asks us to interrogate our obsession with the erasure of victims of crimes in favor of their killers. An explosive evening of theatre matching power pop 90s ballads in a cult of frogs, and a slice-and-dice of horror and parody of the documentary style drama, FROG DINNER follows the pursuit of one documentarian's quest to investigate a totally real American religious cult that believes in their next life... Jesus will make them all frogs. The deeper the documentarian delves in, the more they are sucked into America's ineffable injustices, and the country's obsession with churning out horrific content for cash. Charisma clears killers, after all. 
A sixty minute horror-comedy that dares to ask, if you kiss a frog, will your prince stab back?

FROG DINNER is being developed for future production for Edinburgh Fringe.

It is receiving two workshop presentations at the Jameson Theater at Rutgers University in April 2024.

Initial previews will commence in June 2024 at The Tank in NYC.

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