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i'm going to eat you alive

roach is the perfect wife. august is the perfect maid. ez is going to scream.
ten years will do a lot to a person. just ask roach.

ROACH, a road trip vlogger and PhD student suffering from pica documents his obsession with eating rocks from different natural landmarks across the American continent, and AUGUST, a run-of-the-mill (or maybe out of it) pathological arsonist who loves the smell of burning trees, reappears from Roach's past to hijack the trip. In order to rekindle their past romance, a wrong turn down a highway brings them to their childhood Midwestern town, where in the ashes of a burned down home a new spark threatens to derail their journey.


I'M GOING TO EAT YOU ALIVE is a play about the ethics of incentivizing profiting off of nature, male mental illness, and toxicity in queer spaces.

I'M GOING TO EAT YOU ALIVE was developed first at Workshop Theater as part of the TNB2S+ Affinity Intensive residency under guidance of Al Parker and Ashley Lauren Rogers, with support from Alexandra Thomas and Charlie B. Foster.

A workshop production of I'M GOING TO EAT YOU ALIVE premiered at The Tank in September 2023. This production was directed by Alexandra Thomas and starred Charlie B. Foster as Roach, Nico Galloway as August/Something Lurking, and Pearle Shannon as EZ/Voice of Mom.

production photography by Riley Elton McCarthy.

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