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basement light productions

More or less, Basement Light Productions is exclusively the branding of which I produce my individual work, and when I line produce the work of playwright friends whom I admire. Basement Light was borne out of the light above the basement door in my piece IVORIES, a single swaying light on a chain, like the light of an angler dangling over the jaws of the hungry fish, much like that door in the play. Basement Light erupted into the scene as a producing company aligned around the first production of IVORIES at The Tank, and ever since, has been the producing company behind my hit work in New York City, Denmark, and Scotland, garnering accolades, and critical acclaim. I am both the artistic director and sole producer.


Independent theatre producing is hard. It is expensive. It costs blood, sweat, and tears. It costs a lot of money. It costs you potential collaborators and it gains you lifelong friends. It is a game of the scrappy, the crafty, and the working-class artists just trying to get by. And yet, my Basement Light frequent collaborators are like family to me. My first co-collaboration with a theatre company, Polluted Light Theater, will begin in March 2024 with Edgar Allan Shitpoest at The Tank.

Basement Light Productions predominantly produces horror theatre, but also political thrillers. We make art for trans people, that humanizes them, that listens to them, and honors them. Basement Light Productions is a frequent collaborator slash weird art maker at The Tank. The Tank has been an adoptive home for our weird queer art and has been a playground of experimenting on workshop productions of our shows that have gone on to larger productions later. Our work would not be possible without the artistic resources provided by The Tank. Thank you Meghan and Johnny!

Basement Light usual suspects (aka, my most frequent collaborators) include Aingea Venuto, Zach DePaolo, Raffi Manjikian, Pearle Shannon, London Riley Keller, Dot Davis, Júlia Cerqueira, Paola Goyco-Veléz, Grayson James, Victor Vazquez, Alec Gallardo, LeRoi Richardson, Candaceia Charles, and Alexandra Thomas. Productions by Basement Light have gone on to off-broadway runs, Edinburgh Fringe, and multiple revered critical reviews and awards. 

This is the most difficult personal project of anything I've ever done. I'm grateful, and exhausted, and happy, and melancholic. Collaboration is like a game of chess with a revolving door of partners sitting across the board, pulling different moves, but teaching you new things every time. I'm very excited for what's in store. 

recent projects


daxton on the night shift at 7/11 (co-production with polluted light theater) - the tank - march 2025

FALL 2024

ivories - literaturhaus copenhagen - november 2024

i'm going to eat you alive - culturelab lic - october 2024

frog dinner - edinburgh horror festival - september 2024

ivories - the tank - september 2024


movies don't make psychos - the tank - july 2024

untitled star wars hotel play (reading) - art/ny - july 2024


frog dinner - the tank - june 2024

edgar allan shitpoest (co-production with polluted light theater) - the tank - march 2024

FALL 2023

frenchman - the tank - november 2024

take me down to the levee - the tank - october 2024

i'm going to eat you alive - the tank - september 2024


ivories - 59E59 & edinburgh fringe - august 2023

the lesbian play - the triad theater - june 2023


ivories - the brick - march 2023

edgar allan shitpoest (reading) - the dramatists guild - february 2023

FALL 2022

the lesbian play (industry reading) - art/ny - november 2022


ragweeds (industry reading) - the tank - february 2022


ivories - the tank - june 2021

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